God ♥ Houston

God Houston

Think me crazy if you like. I often wonder the same thing. I only know what I know and I know that God loves Houston. I also know that God has set His face against Houston.

Last year, I heard God tell me that He had set His face against Houston and I saw a hurricane hit Houston and stall producing massive flooding. My first thought was “Why Houston?”

God loves us but hates our sin. Sin leads to death and Jesus came that we might have an abundant life. God is just and must always judge sin, but God is love so He interferes in the history of men.

Those who are righteous will respond to discipline rightly. They turn their hearts to God and they turn their hands to helping others. By this, they reveal that they are children of God. God is good and His children imitate Him by doing good.

Those who are wicked rebel at correction. They rant and rave, accuse God and blaspheme His holy name. They cling to their sin and are ultimately destroyed. The most Darwinian definition of religion is it is the belief system of the survivors.

God intends great good for the people of Houston, but they must choose it. He sets before all men life and death, blessing and cursing and pleads with them to choose life.

One thing God showed me remains for Houston. I saw fire. I saw the water burn. So, if you know someone who has remained in their home on the second story, warn them to get out.

Houston is a sign to America, so pay attention. Is Houston more wicked than New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Atlanta? No.

Know this: God has not just set His face against Houston, but He has set His face against America. I saw the Lord command His generals to lay siege to America and bring it to destruction. God has decreed that the land itself will vomit us out, but before that happens, He is calling those who believe to repent and seek His face. The whole South will experience drought and flood until we cry out to God and begin doing what He has said. Only then will He relent.

God has decreed judgment for the whole world. The next sign I saw is called a Carrington Event. God will set a rainbow in the night sky that the whole world will see—a world-wide aurora. It is His promise of coming judgment.

God loves Houston. God loves America. God loves the whole world. Because of this, He has chosen to set His signs in the heavens to warn us of the wrath against wickedness that is coming.