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I decided to build another blog. Who cares? Right?

Well, let’s call this blog an open source project to build faith for healing.

We all have sick people in our churches. Maybe some of us are standing on His promises for healing even now. Brother Hagin used to visit the sick in his churches and teach them on healing at their bedside. There really is no substitute for that kind of one on one but it also lacks “scalability.” You can’t just multiply it over and over because there are only so many hours in a day and only so much of that day you can devote to this kind of work when you are in ministry. If everyone tithed, perhaps that would be different but everyone doesn’t so there is a shortage of laborers and the laborers God has provided have to work smarter.

So, I’ve tried a number of things through the years. I’ve given out books, tapes and cds and I attempted to launch my own version of prayer and healing school. Others have engaged in projects of their own: raising up prayer and healing specialists and so on.

Maybe I’m just lazy, but I’ve always sought another way to do what I know needs doing.
My last idea was to create a series of CDs that focused on faith and healing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so I just wanted to get people listening to the things that would build faith for healing.

While sitting in ICU with a very sick family member who was in a coma, I saw a way that I believe would bring healing to many. It is something that every pastor who believes it is God’s will to heal can use in their churches and it will teach and promote faith in God for healing not just in their congregation but worldwide.

Stage 1

The idea is simple: the first stage is a series of devotional format blogs of less than 500 words each set up in an autoresponder so that you can subscribe with an email address and receive the Word as Medicine every morning and every evening by e-mail. The ideal would be 40 days of devotionals without repeating, so that is 80 devotionals (about 40,000 words).

Stage 2

The next stage would turn these devotionals into audio and/or video because not everyone who needs this will be able to focus enough to read for themselves.

Stage 3

In the third stage, we would create apps so that these devotionals can be pushed out to people wherever they are and on whatever device they are using—twice a day or continuously—continuously, so that someone in ICU could have earbuds and a cell phone and have the Word pumped into them as a transfusion of faith.

This is simple, do-able, scalable, cost effective and just an incredible tool for every minister within our fellowship to use for the sick in their congregations.

I Need Help

I’ve committed to write sixty sessions, even if it is only for my own use with my own church but it would be amazing to have a thousand or more articles. So, I am looking for others who would like to contribute to this project. Do you have a scripture that really speaks to you on faith or healing? Could you write 500 words about it?

If you are interested in contributing to this project, respond here and I will send you the information you need to get started and the layout we will be using.