A Sinless World?



Do you think if Adam and Eve didn’t pick the fruit off the tree, that the world would be a sinless world or free of sins?

Keith—Age 13


Sin isn’t what most people imagine. There isn’t a list somewhere—not even the Ten Commandments.

The word ‘sin’ means ‘missing the mark.’ But the mark is not a commandment or a law. The mark is the full measure of who God is—His goodness, kindness, faithfulness, holiness, justness, righteousness and love.

We do not expect a child to live up to the standards of an adult. They cannot do it. You have to grow up into it. You slowly become mature over time.

So do children fall short of the standards of an adult? Yes. All the time.

Even adults are learning all the time and make mistakes because they don’t know any better. We would all change if we could see things the way God does and know the consequences of every action or inaction and always know what the right thing to do is.

I do not think there would be perfection if Adam and Eve had not sinned. People would still be growing and making mistakes.

What Adam and Eve did was believe the enemy of God instead of God. To make mistakes is one thing. To choose to believe a lie is another. This is why they were forced to leave the Garden. Eve was deceived but Adam willingly and knowingly chose to take his eyes off of God.

God took care of them and loved them anyway. He killed animals and made clothing from the animals to cover them. He taught them the power of sacrifice and promised to forgive them if they would put their trust back in Him and listen to Him.

He promised that the Seed of the Woman would crush the enemy under His feet.

It took many thousands of years, but God is true to His promises. Jesus came and offered His body to be sacrificed, not to cover nakedness but to cover our sins and give us a way back into the Paradise of God—heaven.

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